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eBriefs - Family Law

Landlords face tough new regime for tenant protection - 17 October 2018

New legislation came into force on 1st October redefining what will constitute a house in multiple occupation, alignment on Section 21 regulations for older leases, and a reminder of the new requirements for energy performance introduced in April.

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Cant afford to get on the property ladder? Shared ownership could be an option -

The price of properties, even so-called ‘first-time homes’ is completely out of proportion to the average income. To save for a deposit on your first home is now taking house-hunters (especially first-timers) years longer than before.

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New s21 Rules - 28 September 2018

On 1 October 2018, the Deregulation Act 2015 comes into force, affecting all assured shorthold tenancies that commenced before 1 October 2015. These provisions are somewhat complex, and may yet be subject to further change.

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What to avoid during your divorce - 24 September 2018

A list of common pitfalls to avoid to facilitate the smoothness of divorce proceedings.

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What happens when a parent wants to move away and take the children with them? - 20 September 2018

There are plenty of reasons a parent might want to take their child abroad for an extended period, or even indefinitely. However, if the parents have separated, there's a possibility that this could result in disagreement, especially if one party feels they are being ‘pushed out’ of the family unit and that the move is done to deliberately reduce the amount of time they can spend with the children.

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