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eBriefs - Commercial Property

Family Christmas – Our Top Tips for the Festive Season - 10 December 2018

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time of year for separated parents who are trying to negotiate and agree on arrangements for their children over the festive period.

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Keeping kids first helps minimise fallout from family breakdown

A local family lawyer is campaigning for a change in the law to reduce the fallout from divorce on children, after figures released today revealed the impact of conflict between separating parents.

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Custodial Sentence from Family Court - 16 November 2018

The recent case of Hart v Hart [2018] EWHC 2966 concerned an estranged couple, Karen and John. John was a shareholder of a company called Halesowen Estates Limited. The company was owned by John’s sister; Susan.

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Thinking of Separating? - What should your first steps be? - 6 November 2018

It might seem difficult to meet face to face with you ex-partner/spouse to discuss issues whilst emotions are running high, but the Mediator is there to help keep the parties focused, offering a helping hand and concentrating on what really matters, whether in relation to children or finances.

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Chancellor's anti-austerity spending spree has few surprises - 31 October 2018

An anti-austerity package of £30 billion of government spending was announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, drawing on improved public finance projections to support a range of new initiatives.

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