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eBriefs - Family Law

Changes to the Leasehold System - How do they affect you?

After the release of the latest committee report into the housing industry and developers’ use of leasehold agreements, many landlords are concerned that the government’s response could impact their businesses. Here, we look at the committee’s findings, examine what the government’s response is likely to be, and discuss the reaction of the housing sector so far.

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Careful preparation of committal applications - 12 April 2019

The case of Hammound v Al Zawawi 2019 showcased the importance of adequate preparation when filing applications with the Family Court.

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Change in divorce law looks set to stop the blame game - 10 April 2019

No-fault divorce is likely to be introduced, but professionals say fair deal on asset sharing means mediation must remain top of the agenda

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Brexit maddening but not frustrating when it comes to contracts

The ruling by the High Court means the lease held by the European Medicines Agency will not be frustrated by the UK’s departure from the EU or by the Agency’s move to Amsterdam.

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Complying with the new energy efficiency legislation (EPC tests)

As if landlords didn’t have enough paperwork to worry about, as of the 1st April 2018, things got even more complicated.

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