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Solicitors since 1809

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We pride ourself on exceptional client service and satisfaction. Indeed we currently have a 96% client satisfaction rating. Please don’t just take our word for it, why not read a selection of testimonials received from some of our happy clients:

“Just carry on in your professional friendly way - remain competitive in price and honest in action - what more can on any from a Solicitor!”

“Many thanks for what you did.”

Leslie Thurston

“Answered my questions clearly and advised me on a subject on which I have only limited knowledge.”

Martin Day

“Helpful, professional and courteous throughout the process. Everything pass done in a timely manner and our lease was completed with no issues.”

Paul Rubens

“At this point in time I don’t see any error or problems with the service you provide. A great and trustworthy company and great service that I have received.”

Dave Lancaster

“Very professional service. All aspects of the law and options available to me were explained clearly would thoroughly recommend.”

“Simon was very tenacious and thorough and communicated the implications of the contract very well. He insisted on some clarification from the mortgage company of benefit to us, which they made and there was a good outcome to the situation with which we came to SharmanLaw.”

Mike Cryer

“Having received a letter from a company in Docklands London charging outrageous prices with unfair tactics Philip was able to resolve the matter with the company, I am definitely recommending Sharman Law to anyone who needs legal advice.”

Paul Harvey