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Disputed Estates

In general the law does not interfere with how you choose to distribute your property and money when you die. However, the law does give a right to challenge a will if a dependent is left out of it, or is left less than expected.

You can claim against someone's estate if you were dependent on them, if inadequate financial provision has been made for you, and if you fall into one of certain specified categories. The rules relating to this are complicated and we can guide you through the options that are most suitable for you.

If you do not accept the validity of the will you can challenge it. For example:

  • challenging the mental capacity of the deceased
  • challenging proper execution or interpretation of a will
  • if you believe the deceased was unduly influenced by a beneficiary of the will.

Our team can advise you on the merits of a challenge, as well as how such a claim might be funded and the associated risks of claiming.

When it comes to talking about disputed estates, we are good listeners, so let's talk.