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The Significance of Pensions in Divorce

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, which often raises financial implications. The division of assets is a crucial element of divorce proceedings, and one often overlooked aspect of this division is pensions.

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Emergency Power of Attorney: When and How to Obtain It

Discover how the Court of Protection steps in to safeguard vulnerable individuals' interests and make legal decisions on their behalf.

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Mediation and Christmas - What to Do When There Is No Plan for Where the Children Will Spend the Holidays

This article explores the role of mediation in resolving disputes about child arrangements during Christmas to help preserve the festive spirit for the children and offers guidance on what to do when there is no plan in place.

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The King's Speech - Lease Extension Reform

In recent years, leasehold reform has been at the forefront of discussions, gaining substantial momentum. The British monarchy plays a symbolic role in the nation's history, symbolising tradition and continuity. Similarly, leasehold reform is viewed as an essential modernisation of property laws that have been in place for centuries. In this article, we delve into the significance of leasehold reform, its anticipated changes, and its relevance to a forthcoming speech by King Charles III, shedding light on the pressing need for reform in the domain of lease extensions.

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Estate Planning for Blended Families: Navigating Wills and Inheritance

Blended families have become increasingly common in today's society. As relationships evolve and individuals remarry or enter into new partnerships, estate planning becomes a crucial consideration to ensure the fair and smooth transfer of assets to loved ones. In the context of blended families, where there may be children from previous relationships, navigating wills and inheritance requires careful thought and legal expertise. This article aims to provide valuable insights and guidance for UK residents in such situations.

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