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Most people would agree that to go to court in respect of family difficulties should be the last resort. Whilst sometimes unavoidable, litigation is slow, can be stressful and is costly.

Mediation is not about reconciliation. Instead it provides a way for you to move away from the negative judgments and positions that can impede agreement. If you would like to know more, we will arrange a pre-mediation meeting with you, and you will be provided with information in relation to the mediation process, and you can raise initial questions and indicate concerns.

Goodwill, commitment and compromise are important with mediation. We assist you in exploring your options, and this helps to reduce conflict and increases your ability to gain perspective. We advise you in a neutral and impartial fashion and offer help to both parties, but we do not give advice. We encourage couples to seek legal advice from their own solicitors. We provide a forum for input from pension and financial advisors and therapists should this be helpful. We work with you to identify your needs rather than follow a rigid formula, ensuring that you receive best value from us, whilst remaining in control.

We help you to mediate as a couple concerning financial matters in respect of separation or divorce and arrangements for your children.

We work at a pace that you are both comfortable with. The communication process is fast and clear, and the process is also usually considerably cheaper than court proceedings. You both have the personal satisfaction of reaching an agreement that reflects your values and needs. As a result it is likely to be a more successful outcome. Better co-parenting is facilitated, and can act as a role model for your children. We also allow you space to express and resolve your anxieties in a safe and confidential way.

When it comes to talking about mediation, we are good listeners, so let's talk.