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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively recent and fundamentally different approach to dealing with the problems associated with the breakdown of a relationship.

At the outset, both parties and your advisors enter into an agreement that you will make a full and frank disclosure, and that you will collaborate with a view to finding a satisfactory solution to your issues. Both lawyers enter into a provision in the agreement that in the event that they fail to achieve a resolution, neither lawyer will be entitled to take the matter any further by way of an application to the court.

You will set the agenda and therefore determine what issues are important to you both, and the timescale and the manner in which you want to work within.

Although you can both seek advice from your own lawyers individually, the negotiations and discussions take place face to face around a table. The role of the lawyers is to assist both parties and the other lawyer to find a solution to the problem which may satisfy everyone.

Whilst it doesn’t work for everyone, collaborative law not only provides a framework for agreement, but also the preservation of a relationship between you both, which can be so important where, in particular, children are involved.

When it comes to talking about collaborative law, we are good listeners, so let's talk.