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eBriefs - Personal Planning

Commercial Landlords: Understanding Your Responsibilities

As a commercial landlord, it can often feel like you're navigating a maze of obligations and responsibilities. From ensuring the safety of the premises to managing the terms of your lease agreements, it's a line of work that requires careful attention to detail. Knowing exactly what your buildings are being used for by tenants is an important part of this. In this guide, we delve into the key responsibilities that you must be aware of as a commercial landlord.

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Is selling property at auction right for you?

When selling property, it is important to look into all available options, including auctions. Our new article highlights the crucial information you should know about property auctions.

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Buying and selling agricultural property - FAQs

Agricultural property can be a lucrative investment, but it's essential to understand the unique challenges and regulations that come with buying and selling such property. Whether you're a farmer looking to expand your operation, an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio, or a landowner ready to sell, here are some frequently asked questions to guide you through the process.

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Why January is a good time to prepare to sell your house

January is the time of the year we all start making plans for all those things we hope to achieve across the year laid out in front of us. What better time could there be to decide if the house you are in is the home you want to see yourself or your family in before next year? In this article, we look at why January is a good time to start preparing to sell and just how you can do that.

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Landlords must gear up for new safety checks

Residential landlords must get their houses in order with the arrival of further legislation to protect tenants through electrical and building safety requirements.

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