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eBriefs - Personal Planning

The Court's Approach to Mediation

On 29th April 2024 the Family Procedure Rules were updated so as to bolster the requirement for mediation in family law disputes.

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Delays and knowledge gap hit hard for splitting couples

Divorce rates are on the decline according to the latest official statistics, with just over 80,000 completed in 2022, down by almost 30% from 113,505 in 2021, but delays in the family courts mean couples are waiting longer than ever to finalise the parting of their ways.

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Financial Court Orders

Learn more about the importance of a ‘clean break’ Court Order. In the absence of this, one party could find that the other makes financial claims against them in the future.

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Supporting rocky relationships through the hard times

The family-focus of Christmas is often followed in January with news of unhappy couples calling it quits, leading to so-called Divorce Day, as family lawyers receive a surge of enquiries when they re-open after the break.

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The Significance of Pensions in Divorce

Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, which often raises financial implications. The division of assets is a crucial element of divorce proceedings, and one often overlooked aspect of this division is pensions.

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